Mandy Kahn is the author of three collections of poetry.

“I swore I’d only read a few poems from Math, Heaven, Time each day, not to finish too fast, but this morning I couldn’t stop and ate the whole thing up. What a glorious encounter with a truly exceptional writer. She has the true gift of being able to see things clearly, and see them new, and open up small moments into large thoughts.”

 Janet Fitch

In using the word “remarkable,” I do mean that the collection is so extraordinary or exceptional as to invite comment. Or perhaps I should have called it striking, because it certainly impresses itself powerfully and deeply upon the observer’s mind or visionFrom the moment I was first introduced to Mandy Kahn and her debut collection, I knew I had encountered a voice beyond the common realm… Of the influences she names, Thoreau seems to have left his transcendental nature print most prominently. There’s also a sense of Yeats’s splendor and, at times, the concision of Dickinson, but as with all true visionaries, her alchemy creates a completely new sound — a melopoeia that is both familiar and otherworldly.”

Los Angeles Review of Books

“Kahn elevates her medium from centuries of intellectual baggage, dusting it off and handing it over to you—the reader—to discover a new voice and a new style. Kahn’s work disallows you from shrugging if off, sending it away to textbooks and fusty journals. You’ll want to pass it around, sharing the experience.”


 “Her poetry is profound, kinesthetic, ceremonial, fun, and wise.”

 — Dr. Greg Salyer, Philosophical Research Society