Peace Class is a free online gathering to build inner peace and world peace taught by Mandy Kahn and presented by the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles.


It takes place every Wednesday night at 6 p.m. PST via Zoom. All are welcome to attend.

Sign up for any week’s Peace Class here.

NOTE: Peace Class is on our annual summer break. We will resume on September 17th with a special event: Peace Class at Peace Week.

Our meeting will be a very special Peace Class in September that will be a part of Peace Week, and will feature special guests Dot Maver (founder, National Peace Academy), Fumi Johns Stewart (executive director, May Peace Prevail on Earth International) and Michael Lindfield (board director, Meditation Mount)

Here’s some information about the class from the Philosophical Research Society’s website:

Peace Class

*A weekly gathering to build inner peace and world peace

*All are welcome

*Drop in for one class or stay for the series

*Every meeting offers a stand-alone lesson

*Begin at any time

Join us for Peace Class, where participants gather to learn how to use the substance of peace to build a peaceful mind, a peaceful life and a peaceful humanity.

The building of world peace is the building of inner peace, and so your global contribution, as a participant in this peace circle, is profound.

Inner peace is not inaction—it is preparation for the perfect action. It is necessary preparation for the action that will build a humanity that honors all beings, that honors the land, that recognizes all bodies of water as holy—one in which all are perfectly free, and by way of that freedom, are themselves, and by way of that selfhood, glow with peace.

At each class meeting, you’ll hear a short talk that focuses on one aspect of the nature of peace, and then you’ll work with a journaling-based peace-building practice that gives each participant the opportunity to develop a set of peace-building tools they can use at any time.

Each hour-long class also includes a brief peace meditation, teachings about pioneer peacebuilders like Peace Pilgrim, and the opportunity to share one’s personal peace-building discoveries with the group.

We’re grateful to be joined by peace advocates from around the world in this love-filled, supportive space. We hope you’ll join us.

Each class meeting offers a stand-alone lesson; feel free to drop in for a single class or to stay for the series. Participants always have the option to keep their cameras off and just observe, if that helps them to feel more comfortable.

Some class topics include: how to engage the healing perspective of the peace mind, how self-love builds world peace, how stepping from the guilt cycle allows inner peace to occur naturally, how to build healing ceasefires, how inner peace evolves our physical bodies, how peace enters the collective consciousness and heals ancient wounds, and how to use the mantra “I honor all beings” to build world peace.